Dalarö in the southern part of Stockholm Archipelago is one of the best spots for windsurfing in Sweden! We often have favorable wind directions and Schweizerviken where we usually are is a large protected bay which suits beginners as well as more experienced windurfers depending on where in the bay and how far out we go.

We are partners to and co-operating with Kona Windsurfing ( as 2016 received the prestigeful global title “Brand of the year” –  much due to the concept with focus on simplicity, joy and community and that Kona is suitable for a broad target group (from kids/youth to adults) and is possible to grow with from beginner level to advanced competition level (Kona One is a large racing class with national series, national championships and world championships).

The boards have centerboard and a so called ducktail which makes them work in all winds – light, medium and hard – and it is possible to get a lot of time on the water!

We are offering a broad range of activities – windsurfing lessons and courses for adults, windsurfing school and surf camps for youths,  training sessions, windsurfing camps, clinics with guest instructors etc.

Welcome on board!

  • Windsurfing lessons & courses

    Windsurfing lessons & courses

    We are offering windsurfing lessons and courses – both individually and for groups.

    Booking through or through phone number +46 70-6441248.



    3 hour introduction course (1 person): 1800 SEK/person
    3 hour introduction course (2 persons): 1500 SEK/person
    3 hour introduction course (3-6 persons): 1200 SEK/person

    6 hour course – beginner level 1 or level 2 (1-2 persons); 2400 SEK/person
    6 hour course – beginner level 1 or level 2 (3-6 persons); 1800 SEK/person

    6+6 hour course – beginner level 1 plus level 2 (1-2 persons); 4200 SEK/person
    6+6 hour course – beginner level 1 plus level 2 (3-6 persons); 3000 SEK/person

    For groups or company activities – or if you want to windsurf with an instructor – please contact us for a proposal!


    Practical details;
    – Booking in advance is necessary to make sure we have windsurfing equipment available and prepared for you at the date and time of your request. We are adjusting our opening hours based on our planned activities, demand and requests.
    – Payment will reserve your booking. Let us know if you would like to have an invoice or if you prefere to pay with Swish (1234018172).
    – You will find as at Askfatshamnen, to the right of restaurant Bistro Solsidan.
    – All equipment is included; windsurfingboard, sail/rig, life west.
    – Wetsuit, harness and shoes is possible to borrow from us without extra cost if needed.

    Please, contact us for more information!

    Warm welcome with your booking! Hope to see you with us at Askfatshamnen!

  • Water Camps & Windsurfing Schools for kids/youth

    Water Camp & Windsurfing School for kids/youth 12-19 years old

    We are offering Water Camps and Windsurfing School for kids/youth from appr 12 to 19 years old. All participants need to be able to swim at least 200 m and life west is mandatory. Please contact us for more information!


  • Training sessions

    Training sessions

    If you already know how to windsurf and also to rig your equipment you are very welcome to our windurfing training sessions. Please contact us for more information!

    Private training sessions

    We are also offering private training sessions – both individually and in group. Let us know what you specifically want to practice and we will tailor the training based on your needs and objectives. Please contact us for more information!

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