Company details

Dalarö Surf Point is part of the company APILA Progress AB (APILA Utveckling AB).

APILA Progress AB
Visiting address: Askfatshamnen, Dalarö
Delivery- and postal address: Ornövägen 10B, 137 71 Dalarö, Sweden
Phone number: +46 (0)706-441248
E-post: (questions about and bookings of windsurfing & SUP activities),  (companyrelated questions)

Org number: 559101-7008
Tax number: SE559101700801
Swish number for payments: 1234018172
Bankgiro number for payments: 5201-7894
Details for international payments: Bank Handelsbanken, BIC HANDSESS, IBAN SE55 6000 0000 0004 4546 4291

Dalarö Surf Point are offering experiences on the water!

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